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Traditional Tables

What makes a Billiard Table a TRADITIONAL Table?

A billiard table is classified as traditional on account of the method of construction rather than its appearance. This design principle means that, although it’s a substantial task, movement of a large Table is a realistic proposition.

Heiron and Smith Traditional Tables are available in three sizes:

Slate Size
Full Size3657mm × 1867mm (12ft × 6ft 1/12in)
10ft3048mm × 1562mm (10ft × 5ft 1 1/2in)
9ft2746mm × 1410mm (9ft × 4ft 7 1/2in)

There are 5 models, developed to accommodate varied preferences in furniture design. However, if you wish to have a Table manufactured to your personal design we would
seek to provide this for you

The Governor General

This model features hand carved legs and leg brackets, scalloped facias and return moulds.

The Brassey

This table comes with brassey style legs, leg brackets, framework facias and moulds.

The Charlton

This table has legs with concave facets, framework facias, and simpler moulds.

The Commonwealth

This table features turned fluted legs, framework without facias, and simpler moulds.

The Australia Table

This table comes with a simple turned leg, framework without facias, and simpler moulds.