The Charlton Billiards Table

The billiards table designed in consultation with the late Eddie Charlton

The Governor
The Brassey
The Charlton Billiards Table
The Commonwealth
The Australia

Table Classification:Traditional Billiards Table

12 ft x 6 ft
10 ft x 5 ft
9 ft x 4 ft 6 in

Approximate weights:
12 ft 990 kg
10 ft 695 kg
9 ft 595 kg

High grade furniture timbers, specially selected.

Traditional Heiron & Smith cushions:
Moulded cushion rubber by Northern Rubber Co, of Retford England.
Unless otherwise instructed, pocket openings
conform to International Billiards and Snooker
Federation standards.
(For full-size and 10 ft tables only.)

Italian Slate:
Jointed using brass dowels.
Machine ground and hand finished
to a high standard of quality.


The Cloth:
From Strachan & Co of Gloucestershire, West of
England. – the finest available.

Main show woodwork in selected mahogany timbers.
Classic mortice and tenon jointing.
Prominent bolection moulds.
Matching fascias.

Show timber treatment:
Choice of several colours and finishes to assist in
matching different décor.styles.

Eight tapered concave facets; extensively hand
Recessed at toe to receive brass leg ring.

Concealed pocket brasses.
Handmade pocket nets.
Genuine hide leathers.

Billiards table can be delivered and installed in most Australian areas, using people experienced in assembly of Heiron & Smith billiards tables.

Comprehensive set of quality accessories supplied with billiards table.

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