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If you wish to have restoration work carried out on your billiard table, as well as the more standard types of repair work (see "Repairs and Maintenance") the table needs to be transported to our factory. This means moving costs become involved.

Restoration of Tables
Polished Woodwork:

Depending upon the condition of the table and the result you are seeking, restoration of the polished woodwork may include:

Patching or replacing some damaged areas
Stripping or sanding areas to remove existing timber finishes
Sanding or hand turning of legs
Repolishing all of the show woodwork; or repolishing some areas and
using the existing polish base to lift the finish on others

The Slate Bed:

Restoration work on the slate bed of the table usually involves:

Erecting the table frame and replaning the surface true to spirit level and straight edge
Fitting the slate bed
Repairing the slates as necessary
Replacing wooden slate linings as necessary
Checking pocket opening profiles and adjusting as necessary
Replacing or refitting slate dowels
Grinding slates true to spirit level and straight edge

Restoration of Accessories:

Some billiard table accessories are valuable items in themselves, which means that restoration work may be justified. In such cases procedures may vary, depending upon the damage the item has sustained and its likely restored value.

At Heiron & Smith, we recommend that restoration work only be carried out following submission of a written quote and some discussion about the value of the table or other item following restoration.

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