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A billiard table is an item to be used. Therefore, at some stage it will need to be serviced, repaired, or perhaps thoroughly restored.

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General Service

At Heiron & Smith we recommend a general service on home tables once per year.

For tables in clubs or other public organizations, a general service should be carried out much more often.

The Heiron & Smith general service includes:

Brushing the cloth
Replacing the spots and re-marking the lines on the cloth as required
Ironing the cloth
Checking all frame bolts and pocket brass bolts and tightening them as required
Checking cushion bolts or screws and tightening them as required
Checking and adjusting the level of the table from the base of the legs
Accessories: As required, re-tipping cues, fitting rest head tips, re-fitting rest heads to handles, etc
Reporting any problems to the customer.

Replacing the Cloth on the Table

In the home situation, depending upon wear factors and damage, you may
not need to fit new cloth to your table for many years.
In a club, it may be necessary to replace the cloth as often as once per year.
Fitting new cloth takes place 'on site' at your home or club.

At Heiron & Smith fitting new cloth to your billiard table includes:

Removing the present cloth from the bed and cushions of the table.
Cleaning the surface of the slate bed and checking for and repairing minor
damage as required
Inspecting wooden cushion slips, or feather strips if present, and replacing
if required
Covering the cushions in new cloth
Checking the table pocket nets and pocket leathers and advising the
customer of any problems
Fitting new cloth to the bed of the table; brushing, ironing, marking and
spotting the new cloth
Re-assembling the table and checking and adjusting the level as required

Replacing the Pockets

At times, some or all of the pocket nets on your table need to be replaced.

At Heiron & Smith we offer advice and carry out this work in accord with the customer's instructions.


Fitting New Cushions

Usually you do not need to have new cushions fitted to your table for many years after purchase (approximately 12-20 years), but replacement is a sizeable expense.

At Heiron & Smith this job is carried out partly on site and partly at our workshop.

The work includes:

(Usually) our fitter removing the cushion rails of the table from your home or
club to our workshop
At the workshop, removing the existing cushions from the cushion rails
Preparing the cushion rail surfaces
Gluing and screwing new wooden cushion blocks to the cushion rails
Fitting new cushion rubber to the cushion blocks
Cutting and shaping the ends of the cushion rubber as required
Fitting new wooden fillets
Fitting new underlay
Covering the completed cushions in new cloth
Returning to the table site and fitting the cushion rails to the table

Moving Tables and Storage

At Heiron & Smith our activities in this area include:

Movements from one metropolitan area location to another. (Where there
are stairs, steps, heavy inclines or other obstacles, please let us know – in
these instances extra labour is required)
Movements for purposes of table storage. (We have well organized storage
facilities to assist in this regard; or you may prefer your own choice of
storage facilities)
Country removals
Interstate removals
Preparation of tables in the case of international removals
Within Australia all tables moved by Heiron & Smith are covered by

Table Restoration