General Accessories

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Cues & Cases
Billiard Lighting


Aramith Balls – Made in Belgium
Aramith Tournament Champion billiards and
Aramith Premier billiards and snooker
Aramith pool – Premier and Standard
Aramith ball cleaner
Aramith pool ball key ring


Cue Racks & Scoreboards

Cue Racks

Free-standing corner
Free-standing circular
Wall-fitting pillar style
Wall-fitting (12-, 10-, 8-, 6-clip brass and nylon)
Cue clips (brass and nylon)

Marking Boards

Large reproduction 2-rollers
Traditional 2-rollers
Marking board numbers, runners and pointers

Billiard Room Furniture
Storage Cabinets

Maintenance Equipment

Caring for Cloth

Pure bristle brush (Eng and Aust)
Velvet smoothing pad
Electric billiard table iron (Eng)
Silk Spots

Dust Covers
Polyrayon with fringe (various colours)

Billiards Materials

Strachan West of England "Special" (34 oz)
Strachan West of England "6811" (30 oz)
Strachan West of England "6811B" (24 oz)
Mitchell Standard 60"
Cushion Rubber
Northern Rubber Co (Eng) matched sets
Moulded rubber (Aust)



Pocket Accessories
Pocket Nets: Cotton
Empire rail pockets
Pocket leathers
Pocket brackets: brass
pocket accessories

Rule Books

WSA Rules of Billiards sheet
WSA Rules of Snooker sheet
Playtru booklet (various games)
Rules of Four Games sheet
Rules of Four Games block mounted


rules book

Billiard room scenes
"Thackeray" series
"Bunbury" series


Rests and Long Gear

Cross rest head (brass and nylon)
Spider rest head (brass and nylon)
Butt rest head (brass and nylon)
Gooseneck rest head (brass)
Extended spider rest head (brass)
Long butt 2-piece
Half butt 2-piece
Long rest handle 2-piece
Rest handle, for cross and spider rests
Rest hooks (brass)