The Designer Pool Table

Simplicity for today's lifestyle
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The Designer
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Table Classification: Today's Lifestyle Pool Table

9 ft x 4 ft 6 in
8 ft x 4 ft
7 ft x 3 ft 6 in

Approximate weights:
9 ft - 325 kg
8 ft - 275 kg
7 ft - 205 kg

Selected furniture grade timbers

Traditional Heiron & Smith cushions:
High quality moulded cushion rubber.

Italian Slate:
Machine ground and hand finished
to a high standard of quality.

From Strachan & Co of Gloucestershire, West of
England – the finest available.

Mitre jointed with plain rounded edges.

Show timber treatment:
Treated with traditional stained finish, or painted
in block colours.

Square with rounded edges.
Fitted with brass or chromed adjustable toes.

Top fitting pocket brasses – brushed or chromed.
Handmade pocket nets.
Genuine hide leathers.

Pool table can be delivered and installed in most Australian areas, using people experienced in assembly of Heiron & Smith pool tables.

Comprehensive set of quality pool accessories supplied with pool table.

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