Dining - Billiards Table

Dual Function - Twice the employment




Please note that when Heiron & Smith tables are delivered and installed, they are professionally levelled and made ready for play. 

Table Classification: Dual Function Billiards Table

9 ft x 4 ft 6 in
8 ft x 4 ft
7 ft x 3 ft 6 in

Approximate weights
(including table top):
9 ft - 410 kg
8 ft - 345 kg
7 ft - 260 kg

Selected furniture grade timbers.

Traditional Heiron & Smith cushions:
High quality moulded cushion rubber.

Italian Slate:
Machine ground and hand finished
to a high standard of quality.

From Strachan & Co of Gloucestershire,
West of England.– the finest available.

Show woodwork in selected Spruce timbers.
Classic mortice and tenon jointing.
Reduced depth and increased thickness to make it easier to sit at the table.

Show timber treatment:
Choice of a variety of colour tones to assist
in matching different décor styles.

Turned and tapered, fitted with Canterbury flutes
and hand finished.
For more comfortable seating, legs available in
varying lengths – to provide choice between three
stable height levels of the table.
Fitted with two inset centre legs (9 ft size) or one
central leg (7 ft and 8 ft size).
Fitted with standard adjustable toes.

Top fitting pocket brasses
Handmade pocket nets
Genuine hide leathers

Table Top:
MDF with faux grain finish
Two or three pieces – dowelled
Fully cleated and padded for stability and protection

Dining Billiards table can be delivered and installed in most Australian areas, using people experienced in assembly of Heiron & Smith billiards tables.

Comprehensive set of quality billiards accessories supplied with billiards table.

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