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For many years Heiron & Smith have been acknowledged as one of the World's pre-eminent manufacturers of billiard tables.

Like Heiron & Smith, most firms making up this small select group began manufacturing during the 19th century. Today some of the earlier tables made by these companies have become highly regarded as antique collector's items.

From time to time we are fortunate enough to have earlier tables from one of these manufacturers for sale on our showroom floor. Some recent examples follow:

Thurston & Co.
A superb example of the craftsmanship of Thurston & Co. of London, probably manufactured during the 1870's. Framework show timbers in vivid flame mahogany; with heavily hand carved legs.

John Thurston established the firm of Thurston & Co., in 1799 and became the first truly specialized billiard table manufacturer. Thurstons provided tables for English sovereigns, George IV, William IV and Queen Victoria. (Interestingly, in 1990 Heiron & Smith were commissioned to offer for sale a Thurston table which had actually been owned formerly by Queen Victoria)

The Duke of Edinburgh Table
"Duke of Edinburgh" model billiard table by Alcock & Co. of Melbourne, manufactured during the 1870's. Framework of Australian cedar; show timbers in magnificent figured blackwood.
Henry Upton Alcock commenced manufacturing billiard tables in Melbourne Australia, in 1853.
The prototype model of this table was presented to the then Duke of Edinburgh (Alfred, second son of Queen Victoria) during his visit to the Colonies of Australasia 1867-1868.

A "Brassey" model billiard table by Heiron & Smith, manufactured during the later years of the nineteenth century and featuring rich hand carved legs. Timbers are Australian blackwood throughout.

The Heiron & Smith Brassey

Antique Billiard Accessories

These pre-eminent billiards firms also manufactured side furniture pieces for the billiard room. Some of these pieces have also become highly sought after in their own right. Antique scoring devices and cue stands have been particularly attractive in this regard.

Chiffoniere and Marking Board.
A combination chiffoniere, pool money receiver and marking board by Alcock & Co. of Melbourne.

This superbly made piece was usually constructed from Australian cedar and blackwood, often with vivid figuring on the facing timbers. They were manufactured approximately 1870-1920.

Revolving Cue Stand
A revolving cue stand, accommodating 21 cues and long tackle. These stands were typically made from Australian blackwood.

The example shown features fine Canterbury fluting in the vertical poles and clips for the cues with rollers made from bone. Such stands were made throughout the latter half of the nineteenth century and in the earlier years of the twentieth.

If you are interested in acquiring an antique billiard table or earlier side furniture pieces, do not hesitate to contact us.

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