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Many people buying a billiard table are cautious and quite correctly so. Most of us purchase only one billiard table during our lives. Usually new tables are designed to look very attractive, so choosing is not easy.

Looking underneath the table:
Customers viewing framework support of the slate
using portable mirror provided.

Here are some brief suggestions to help you really enjoy a billiard table.


Think about what you are buying the table for. For example, buying a large table may not be appropriate if the main users are likely to be children.

Room Size

Make sure the table will fit comfortably in your room, together with the other
items you propose to have there, be it couches, television, perhaps a bar,
and so on.

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Room Shape

If your room is a difficult shape, get some expert advice as to the size of
table you should choose in order to be as comfortable as possible.

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Brand Name

If the table does not carry a brand name, pass it by.

The Cushions

When looking at a table, check how the cushions perform – are they lively or
not? Does the ball come off the cushion at a proper angle? Does the ball
tend to 'jump' when it strikes the cushion? Many tables are made with
inadequate cushions because it saves money – but it does not give the
player much satisfaction. Replacing poorly performing cushions with
superior ones costs a substantial amount.

The Slates

For sound performance the bed of the table should be made of slate. If good
quality slate is fitted to a strongly made table frame you have the best
chance of getting a consistent game. Look underneath the table. Is the
slate sitting firmly on the entire frame? It should do to give the slate the best
possible support. If the slate is not fully supported the table will move out of
level. If there are wedges placed between the top of the frame and the
bottom of the slate the table will only remain level in the short term.


A sound table should be made from quality furniture timbers. Some hard timbers which are not properly seasoned will move over time and affect the performance of your table. We do not recommend that the frame of a table which has a slate bed should be made from composition board – the joints are not likely to take the strain over the longer term.

The Cloth

Fine Cloth fitted correctly will assist in the balls running smoothly and straight. Most prominent players, past and present, have agreed that the finest cloths come from the West of England.


The brackets holding the pockets should be of metal. Plastic or "metalized" plastic brackets often break. The nets should be kept in place with a strong wire, not by staples which fail after a short time. The brackets should be covered with genuine leather to prevent damage to the balls.

If you check out these factors and get the right answers – you should really enjoy your new billiard table.

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